Ocean Voyages
1. Remote Control grab is an efficient tool for loading and unloading bulk cargo. The grab can close by lifting up hook of crane and open by remote control in the air without any additional power. The hydraulic and electric parts use the plug-in modular design, easily maintain and repair, suitable for ship ocean voyages. The Electric system and hydraulic system is water proof design, which can prevent washing of the wave and rain. Each bulk grab is test strictly by immersed under the water 24hours. Multistep buffering opens type, which reduce the impact to the grab from the crane and ensure to unload quickly. The grab can work continuous for 24 hours with low trouble rate. Grab uses less energy, a full battery can keep the use of more than 80 hours. Easy operation, the crane does not need any other auxiliary equipment. The grab can service after being put on the hook. Now the grabs are widely used in bulk vessels, ports, and are exported in batches.

2. Motor-Hydraulic Bulk Grab has hydraulic power and control system itself, and the hydraulic power system is imported from Europe and USA. The grab uses constant output pump and servo system. The flow of pump can change by itself according to working pressure. When the pressure reaches the max pressure, the flow is almost zero, so it can reduce the overflow, and reduce the temperature rise of oil. The cable rollers are improved designing, the temperature rise of rotating parts will be not higher than 35℃ when it is on full load working, which can ensure the grab can work continually.

3. Touch-down grab is a single rope grab, it must be put on the ground, cargo or hopper when you open it. After the crane lifts up, the grab will open by itself. The grab has buffers, which can reduce the impact when it opens. The opening and closing system is simple, so it has low fault rate.

4. When you want to open the Hand-pull grab, you need to pull the towing string, then the grab can open in air. The grab has buffers, which can reduce the impact when it opens. You can pull the towing string in 1800 angle, and the string won’t touch holding steel ropes.

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